About Koh Thai

Koh Thai brings you authentic Thai flavors, a delicate balance of sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. Our flavor experiences have made the long journey from the East by way of Europe where Koh Thai is the number one selling Thai Food brand in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.


Founder and entrepreneur, Philippe Fornier was raised in Greece and later moved to Switzerland. As a young man, he was enchanted with Thailand and spent his holidays backpacking through its cities and countryside, where he sampled regional specialties in homes and restaurants.


In Bangkok, Philippe found food stalls on every corner. He experienced ingredients he never knew existed, and also ingredients he knew well, now cast in a new light:

  • Papaya eaten raw as a salad with salty sauce
  • Curries made with fresh peppers and traditional Thai spices
  • Simple rice bowls with rich, resonating flavors


Over a meal with Thai friends, Koh Thai was born. Koh Thai’s Mission: to bring the flavors of Thailand to the West.


Koh Thai uses authentic Thai family recipes, handed down through generations of families from the diverse regions of Thailand. Each dish begins with carefully sourced ingredients, and is produced by small-scale, traditional, family-owned companies.


Try Koh Thai today – it’s delicious, convenient, and good for you: 100% natural, absolutely nothing artificial, GMO-free and gluten-free. Koh Thai flavors turn any meal into an experience.


From Koh Thai’s kitchen to yours…welcome to our Island of flavors. You can find our flavors on Amazon, Stop & Shop and on the shelf at your local neighborhood market.