Young Jackfruit

Discover the versatility of the Koh Thai Young Jackfruit! Jackfruit has a neutral taste and a fleshy structure, which makes the fruit perfect for endless variations and vegetarian dishes! Think of pulled jackfruit, jackfruit curry or a jackfruit rendang.

Our jackfruit has no bitter aftertaste and is 100% natural ánd vegan!


Jackfruit, water and sea salt.


After opening keep refrigerated in a plastic container (not in the can itself) and consume within 36 hours.

Nutritional values:

  • Energy : 351 kJ/84 kcal
  • Fat : 0,6g
  • Saturated Fats : 0,2g
  • Carbohydrates : 20g
  • Carbohydrates from sugar : 17g
  • Protein : 1,5g
  • Salt : 1,87g