lunch, 15min

Asian omelet with panang prawns

Try this easy to make recipe for lunch or a quick evening meal.


If youre not a fan of prawns, you can replace with slices of chicken or veggies.


2 persons

  • Eggs : 4
  • Prawns : 100 g
  • Koh Thai Coconut Milk : 4 tbsp
  • Koh Thai Panang Curry Paste : 2 tsp
  • Koh Thai Fish Sauce : 1 tbsp
  • Cucumber : 1/2
  • Beansprouts : garnish
  • Garden cress : garnish
  • Koh Thai Sweet Chili Sauce : to serve


Step 1 Whisk eggs with 2 tbsp Coconut Milk, 1 tsp Panang Curry Paste and 1 tbsp Fish Sauce.


Step 2 Drizzle oil into a medium size pan and cook the eggs until they’re golden. Remove it from the pan, fold it in half and divide it in two, placing each section onto a plate.


Step 3 In the same pan, add 1 tsp of Panang Curry Paste and 2 tbsp of Coconut Milk. Cook prawns to desired doneness. Remove from pan and place shrimp onto the plates next to the omelet.


Step 4 Thinly slice cucumber. Garnish plates with sliced cucumber, sprouts, and garden cress. Serve with Sweet Chili Sauce.