main dish, 20min

Fish cakes with red curry

A fresh side dish that has a spicy bite due to the red curry paste. By serving the mango sweet chilli sauce as a dip, you get a surprising combination of flavors.

You can also make the fish cakes in advance. Let the cookies cool down after baking and keep refrigerated in a covered container for 1 to 2 days.



For 4 people (+/- 12 fish cakes):

  • Fresh whitefish * : 500g
  • Shrimp (raw and peeled) : 300g
  • Koh Thai red curry paste : 3el
  • Egg : 1
  • Flower : 1el
  • Koh Thai fish sauce: 1el

Preparation method

Step 1: Put the whitefish, shrimp, red curry paste, cornstarch, fish sauce and the egg in the food processor and grind. Cut the spring onion fine. Put the fish mixture in a bowl and mix the spring onions with a spoon. With 3 to 4 balls per person, press them with damp hands and press them down slightly. Place on a plate and put in the fridge for 15 minutes to stiffen.


Step 2: Heat the oil in a pan and fry the fishcakes in 5 min. Golden brown and done. Turn halfway. Let leak on kitchen paper and place on a dish.


Step 3: Serve the fish cakes with Mango Sweet chili sauce.


Serving tip: also delicious in combination with a green salad!