main dish, 25min

Summer rolls with coconut prawns

If you are not a fan of prawns you can replace those with small bit of chicken filet that get the same treatment as the prawns.


That still gives you the crunch of the panko.


Makes 4

  • Prawns : 200 g
  • Egg, whisked : 1
  • Panko (or regular breadcrumbs) : few tbsp
  • Lime, zest : 1
  • Grated coconut : few tbsp
  • All purpose flour : 2 tbsp
  • Fresh mint : few leaves
  • Fresh cilantro : few leaves
  • Little gem lettuce : 1
  • Koh Thai Rice Vermicelli : 1/4 package
  • Koh Thai Rice paper : 4 sheets
  • Koh Thai Lime dipping sauce : 1


Step 1 Clean the prawns and set side. Make a bowl with coconut and panko combined. Mix this with a little bit of lime zest.


Step 2 Whisk the egg with water and salt in a second bowl


Step 3 Add the flour to a third bowl


Step 4 Make a small production line in this order: raw prawns, bowl of flour, bowl of egg, bowl of panko-coconut and as the last item a large (empty) plate to put the dipped prawns on.


Step 5 Using a frying pan bake the prawns in a little layer of oil and leave to drain on kitchen paper. Cut the prawns in three pieces (or more if they are very big).


Step 6 Cut the lettuce and the herbs in strips and dip the rice paper sheets one by one for a few seconds in lukewarm water. Place on a smooth surface and add the ingredients and make them into a roll


Step 7 Serve with the Koh Thai Lime Dip