side dish, 20min

Thai fish skewers with red curry and paprika

Besides meat, it is also very nice to string fish on a stick and to grill/bake it. Take a slightly firmer fish, such as plaice fillet.

The Koh Thai Red Curry paste is a 100% natural Thai herb paste based on red peppers, lemongrass and a bit of cardamom.

The color and taste get this curry paste of dried red peppers. The red curry paste is slightly milder and rounder than the green curry paste.


for 3-4 people:

  • Onions : 3
  • Yellow pepper : 1
  • Fresh plaice fillet : 300 g
  • Koh Thai red curry paste : 1 tbsp
  • Olive oil : 1 tbsp


  • Requirements: (small) sat├ęprikkers

Preparation method

Step 1: Cut the bottom and the green of the spring onion and cut into pieces of 2 cm. Cut the peppers into 2 cm pieces. Cut the fish fillets into 4 cm pieces.


Step 2: Mix the red curry paste with the oil into a marinade.


Step 3: Based on a skewer around 2 pieces of spring onions, peppers and fish. Place in an appropriate scale. Spread the skewers generously with the red curry marinade and leave to marinate in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes.


Step 4: Place the skewers on the BBQ (or heat a grill pan without oil or butter) and grill the skewers in about 8 minutes until done. Times regularly.