main dish, 20min

Vegan crab cakes

These delicious vegan crab cakes are the perfect snack during a movie night, a good alternative to the traditional hamburger or a great side dish with a rice table or a buddha bowl. The sriracha mayonnaise provides an extra kick in terms of taste and completes this dish!

Make your own vegan burger!


For 6-8 crab cakes:

  • Koh Thai young jackfruit: 2 cans
  • Broken linseed: 2 tl
  • Mustard: 1 tl
  • Cajun spices: 4 tl
  • Soy sauce: 1 tl
  • Panko: 4 el
  • Garlic: 2 cloves
  • Lime: 1
  • Cilantro: a handfull

Preparation method:

Step 1: Start by making a ‘flax egg’ (aka a natural binder): mix 2 tsp crushed linseed with 6 tsp water, let it stand for 10 minutes and it’s ready to use.

Step 2: Add all the (fresh) herbs, mustard and soy sauce together in a bowl and mix well. Drain the jackfruit and pulse briefly in the blender until it has a crumbly consistently. Add the jackfruit along with the flax eggs and panko until it forms a solid whole.

Step 3: Form about 6-8 burgers from the jackfruit mixture and sprinkle with the lime juice.

Step 4: Heat up a pan on the stove with 3 tbsp oil. Add the burgers and cook for 5-7 minutes per side (or until the burger turns golden brown).

Step 5: Serve the burgers with sriracha mayonnaise dipping sauce, lime wedges and a little coriander.