side dish, 25min

Vegetarian summer rolls with mango and avocado.

Rice sheet Summer rolls, in other words, rice sheet spring rolls. Also called fresh summer rolls, are filled with fresh, crunchy ingredients that you dip in a delicious sauce. Fill, roll and enjoy!

You can also add the spring rolls to a plank with different small bites. For example, combine with fishcakes and marinated steak sat├ęs. Delicious to snack!


For +/- 10 summer rolls:

Mango : 150g
Avocado : 1
Coriander : small bunch
Red cabbage finely chopped : 150g
Carrot finely chopped : 100g
Spring onions : 3
Koh Thai rice vermicelli : 100g
Koh Thai rice sheets : 1 pack
Sesame seeds : 4el
Koh Thai green sweet chilli sauce : 1 bottle

Preparation method:

Step 1: Prepare the rice vermicelli according to instructions on the package and set aside.


Step 2: Halve the avocado, remove the kernel and peel, and cut into strips. Halve the mango, and cut into small cubes. Cut the spring onions into small rings.


Step 3: Fill a bowl, dish or, for example, the sink with water. Prepare a cutting board where you can roll up the spring rolls and put down a ‘production line’ with all the ingredients for the spring rolls.


Step 4: Now take a rice sheet. Dip this in the water on both sides, not bad if the rice sheet continues to feel a bit hard. This will automatically soften when you roll. Place the sheet on the cutting board. Divide the ingredients in the middle of the sheet.


Step 5: As soon as all the ingredients are on the sheet, you start rolling: skip the piece of rice sheet that is left at the bottom, over the filling. Then fold the sides inwards, and then roll on. Do this carefully, but firmly so that the springroll does not fall apart when eating. Roll up until you have a nice springroll. The rice skin closes automatically because it sticks a bit.


Step 6: Repeat until all ingredients are gone and serve the spring rolls with the Green Sweet chili sauce.


Tip: The Green Sweet chili sauce can be sharp in taste. If you want a less hot dip, choose the regular Sweet Chili Sauce or Mango Sweet Chili Sauce.