main dish, 15min

Vegetarian summer rolls

If you want to increase the intake of vegetables than these summer rolls are a great addition.


Filled with lots of healthy greens and you can vary with whatever you have lying around.


Think of using small strips of raw zucchini, roasted beetroot etc. Lots to choose from!


Makes 4

  • Koh Thai Rice Paper :  4 sheets
  • Rice Vermicelli : 1/4 pack
  • Beansprouts : handfull
  • Spring onions : 2
  • Little gem lettuce : few leaves
  • Fresh mint : few leaves
  • Red bell pepper : 1
  • Thai Lime dipping sauce : 1


Step 1 Cut the spring onions lengthwise in strips. Cut the lettuce in short strips and the same for the mint leaves. Clean the bell pepper and cut in thin strips.


Step 2 Prepare a large bowl of lukewarm water and dip each sheet for a few seconds in the water. Place on a smooth surface and cover in the middle with the vegetables and roll tightly.


Step 3 Cut in two and serve with the Koh Thai lime dip.